Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hey Everyone! It's The Beyond The Handle Podcast!

Hey everyone!

Do you interact with a lot of people from on Twitter? Have you ever wondered about who they are beyond what they tell you in 140 characters? Or if you don't use Twitter, have you ever just wanted to get to know the stories of other unique and interesting people from the City Of Winnipeg? If so, we have the podcast for you!

Beyond The Handle interviews different members of Winnipeg's Twitter community each week. We speak about topics that are of interest to the guests, as well as current events that are happening around the City Of Winnipeg. Whether it's sports talk (Go Jets Go!), politics, music of all kinds, tarot readings, professional wrestling, or porn (yes, you read that right), we go into all topics on the show.

Podcasts are posted once a week, and are available for download on iTunes and Stitcher. The links are as follows:

You can also search for the show with any podcast app that you use, and you should find us easily!

You can also listen to any show that you like at any given time by going to

Of course, a podcast that focuses on Twitter needs to have its own Twitter handle, right? Come and give us a follow at!

Did you know that Winnipeg has its own podcast network? Head over to to find a large selection of fantastic local podcasts, all from the City Of Winnipeg!

Come and give us a listen! And if you'd like to participate with the show, you can contact us at

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